Are you the right photographer for my family?

As a photographer I don’t just want to capture “what you looked like” during this season of life, but to tell your story. I seek to create images for you that evoke emotion and memories for generations to come. The families I work with are looking for quality, heirloom photographs that capture their current season of life in an honest and beautiful way. I probably will not ask you to look and smile at my camera or arrange you together for a formal portrait, but I hope that the images I take of you interacting together move you for years to come. Life isn’t lived in the posed moments – it’s lived in the every day. It is my mission as a photographer to capture your memories and remind you of the beauty in your every day life.

What will our lifestyle session be like?

Our session will be genuine to you and the things that make your family unique.  Our time won’t be filled with matching outfits, the latest fad, or unnatural poses. Our goal with this experience is to capture the precious moments of this phase of your family’s life – her curls, his belly laugh, their little feet.  So what would a session together look like? It might look like Saturday morning snuggles, reading the paper and making pancakes in your pjs, a long summer day spent in the garden with your rain boots on, or a holiday cookie baking marathon filled with traditions. I value low key sessions that consist of love filled families that enjoy spending time together in their home and the intangibles that make your family who you are!

We live in a small apartment/condo/row home. Can we still have an in-home session?

Absolutely! Several of the sessions you see in my portfolio were done in an apartment or row home. I’d love to photograph your family in your space together.

Will you travel for my session?

Absolutely! We have taken photos and made short films on five different  continents and love to travel. We are available for projects worldwide.

How long have you been a photographer?

Professionally? About five years. I could tell you all kinds of “kid with a camera” stories.  I will spare you.

What if my kids will not sit still?

They are kids – I never expect them to! I may give you and your kids some directions, but generally I just let them be themselves. We might make faces together, play Simon Says, or check out their toys. My goal is to capture childhood in an authentic way and I’ve found that it is best to just let the kids be kids.

Do you shoot weddings?

Not usually. Though I will occasionally take on a wedding commission if the couple and I really connect. Or if the wedding happens to be in Phuket. Or Santorini. Or Cape Town. You get the idea.