Session Information

So we chose a date for our session, now what?

After we decide on a date for your session we will work together to choose a location and activities to be photographed. We will decide on the details of your session over a phone call and I am happy to provide suggestions and talk through our options.

What should we wear?

The most important thing to remember about preparing for your session is that I am here to photograph YOU, so be yourself! Dress nice, but don’t get so “dressed up” that you are uncomfortable. However, please don’t be afraid to accessorize and go bold with make up – it can make for some fun photographs! You can choose outfits for your family members that coordinate with each other but make sure not to match exactly. For parents with newborns,  I suggest comfortable, nice clothing with a neutral color palette and bare feet as this tends to look the most natural in a home setting. For newborns, simple is always best – we don’t want anything to distract from their tiny, adorable frames. I suggest a few tight fitting onesies, hats and headbands.

How can I prepare my home for our session?

I love to use the elements of your home as backgrounds for photographs and we may find ourselves wandering around the house together during our session. I’d love if you could pick up and de-clutter your space, but please don’t stress about dusting, etc – this should be a low-stress day! Opening all of your shades and curtains to let window light flood in is always a huge help too. If there is a newborn in your family it is helpful to turn the heat up nice and high to keep the little baby nice and toasty.  I love to swaddle the babies during the session and lay them on larger blankets to keep them nice and comfortable – so having your blankets and throws on hand is always a plus!

How can we prepare for our session?

In my experience, everyone is happier when they aren’t hungry, so I would suggest making sure everyone is well fed before our session begins. Having snacks available for smaller children (or even hunger-prone adults) is never a bad idea.  If you have a newborn, we will be sure to take as many breaks as needed to keep that little belly full and happy.